Silicone Production Process

Unbeatable Quality

silicone mold building

Mass Production Ability

15 Years` in Silicone Factory Management

  • 100% Nature Silicone Raw Materials;

  • 250T silicone compression Machines;

  • More than 1200 square meters workshop;

  • 40 well trained workers; 

First Grade Quality

Full inspection before shipping

  • Dustproof workshop; 

  • ISO 9001 Standard; 

  • Responsible quality staffs; 

  • Full Check For Every products

Silicone Mold Building

12 Years` Experience in Silicone Mold 

  • Two Advanced CNC machines;

  • Four EDM machines;

  • Three structure mold engineers;

  • P20 stainless steel;

  • Mold periodic maintenance 


The best silicone solutions supplier, the most suitable silicone mold manufacture, the most reliable silicone products factory with our best service!


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